Counseling Services, LLC

Serving the Community of Jackson, Michigan since 1987

What We Do

Counseling Services is a small, welcoming private practice. Our focus is on providing a safe and nurturing atmosphere while guiding clients through the challenges they face. Our clinicians have over 100 years of combined experience and are able to offer services to clients from ages 5 and up. We offer individual psychotherapy, couples therapy, and family therapy.

At Counseling Services, our clinicians use a client-centered approach to treat a wide range of conditions including:

* Depression and suicidal feelings

* Anxiety disorders – obsessive-compulsive, panic, and agoraphobia

* PTSD / Trauma recovery

* Attention Deficit Disorder and school related concerns

* Self-esteem and self-image problems

* Work related issues

* Relationship conflicts

* Grief and loss

We will be happy to bill your insurance company. We belong to many managed care and preferred provider health plans. Our office staff are available to check your benefits. Please call us at 517-788-8330if you have any questions.